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What we do

In the Youth Entrepreneurship House Innola we believe in learning by doing. Working with projects gives the young opportunities to search for their strenghts, get experiences and strenghten their connections. Projects done and businesses founded in Innola are innovated by the young people themselves, or they are mandates from various companies or communities. The project group itself is responsible for planning, putting the project into practice and paper work.

Through project activities you learn to organize work, manage time, have responsibility, do independent work as a part of a group and be able to make decisions. These young people also earn funding for their projects themselves. By utilizing of the method of learning by doing you especially learn skills related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship-like activities, such as marketing, sales, creativity…   Entrepreneurship is a way for young people to employ themselves during for example, summer, and produce services and products to locals. When you’re setting up your own business, it’s important to be motivated and to want to learn something new. Entrepreneurship helps young people learn to take responsibility and acquire the skills needed in working life through businesses that work with real money. It’s important that you can test your own skills and find new things that interest you and try them out together with your friends.

Entrepreneurs have given remarkable support to the young entrepreneurs in Innola by giving them advice and instructions, financial support, spaces to work and sharing their own expertise with team. These businesses that were started up during Innola’s coaching have taken many forms, for example different kind of workshops , through the working cooperative Kisälli in Muurame Upper Secondary School and adapting through our own business models. In the coaching’s perspective projects and businesses proceed the same way. The coach’s role is to support, help and encourage the young when needed. Also asking the right questions at the right time and guiding them to look for information is an important task. Even though the coach knows the answer, they can steer their customers to look for information from various entrepreneurs or other grown-ups making it possible for them to form contents on their own.  


Innola can offer the young a meaningful place to work on their own projects and experience feelings of success. It’s extremely important to believe in yourself and bravely give it a try because that way you can find those things that you would like to do for a living. When working in Innola, young people have definitely gained some self-confidence, courage and ability to take risks as well as teamwork, project work, entrepreneuire and working life skills. The youngsters have expanded their connections and at best ever learned important skills needed later in postgraduate studies and working life. Participating in such significant activities have brought along lots of positive feelings and we have been able to have an impact, with our own small contribution, on the fact that some young people have found their own paths in life. Adult connections have provided a good network for learning and doing things together.  

Innola is founded in Muurame 2006 and nowadays we operate mainly in Central Finland area. We have 100-150 young people per year taking part to our coaching. The purpose of the association is to improve the growth, development, activity, initiative and entrepreneurship for people between 11-29 years old. In Innola we believe in believing youth and their dreams: giving them the support they need they can learn to see how much they can be and do!